Pension Planning

The Pensions landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and for many people their pension fund will be the largest asset that they own outside of their home.

Understanding the types of pension arrangements that you have and the options available to you can be very complex. David Allan our Pension Specialist will be able to explain to you in plain English the options that you have available to you, whether you are considering taking out your very first pension or whether you are looking to turn your pension funds into an income now that you have retired.

Pension Review Service
As you progress through your working career you may have accrued a number of different pension arrangements.  We provide a comprehensive report explaining the types of pension plans that you have and whether these may or may not fit with your objectives and whether consolidating the plans into a single arrangement will be beneficial for you.

Retirement Planning
Pension Freedoms introduced in April 2015 gives you more flexibility in how you can take an income from your pension funds.  However, with these freedoms comes additional complexities such as investment and taxation risk. 

Our Centralised Retirement Proposition is built around four key areas

Pensions and Divorce

Taking the decision to end a relationship and start a new chapter in your life is a decision which is never taken lightly.  With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce it is essential that you receive expert legal advice to guide you through the actions and choices that you will have to make.  Whatever your circumstances 2hWealthcare will work closely with your Solicitors to ensure a coordinated approach to assist in the financial settlement of your divorce. 


Pension arrangements are typically the second largest asset after the family home.  They are difficult to understand at the best of times and divorce complicates matters further.  A sharing order is usually considered as an option for the financial settlement and understanding what this will mean for your future financial security is important.  This is where a qualified Pension Transfer Specialist will work with you and your Solicitor to ensure that you understand the implications.


If a sharing order is made then you may require advice on how it is implemented and whether the values are fair, reasonable and accurate and 2hWealthcare have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the advice and support that you need.   


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