Lifestyle Planning

Accumulating capital during your working life and maintaining your standard of living in your retirement

How much is enough to achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle without running out of money?

This is a question we are often asked.  We all have the desire to save for our future and to ensure our families are looked after should anything happen to us during our working years and see our standard of living maintained in our retirement.

Our Financial Planning process uses cashflow forecasting tools to provide you with a bespoke holistic financial plan which is built around your lifestyle and objectives.  We start by identifying your future goals and plot these on a timeline and then by assessing your current assets, income and expenditure we identify the opportunities to maximise your savings and cash flow.  The most effective way to accumulate capital is through regular savings of a percentage of your salary in a tax-wrapper and re-investing the dividends or income.  It is so effective that Albert Einstein gave it a name.

“Compound interest – the 8th Wonder of the World”

Albert Einstein

In retirement, we amend the planning to consider changing circumstances and introduce new ideas to meet lifestyle and estate planning requirements.

What is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

Lifestyle Financial Planning is very different to other sorts of financial advice you may have come across.  Where they typically focus on products, 2hWealthcare’s Lifestyle Planning starts with you, your goals and your aspirations.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?

Do I have enough to retire on?

How much can I afford to give to my children and still lead a comfortable life?

How much investment risk should I take to achieve my goals?

Can I afford that once in a lifetime holiday?

Will I be able to support my children through University?

Most people do not know if they have accumulated enough to fulfil their goals and may continue working longer than is necessary.   We believe that by fully understanding our clients, knowing what is important to them and what they want to achieve a lifestyle plan will help answer these questions and ultimately whether or not they have ‘enough’ for their future.



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