Sajid Javid succumbs to Johnson’s power grab

We saw an unexpected change in Downing Street, when the chancellor decided he would rather go through the hassle of moving house than put up with the Prime Minister and his aides trying to take control of the Treasury.

Boris Johnson and his advisers have taken an unprecedented step of trying to have complete control of all government departments firmly in Number 10.

The one small mercy for Mr Javid is at least he won’t have to go through conveyancing. While direct control will no doubt be more efficient, as the hidden agendas and power struggles that characterise Westminster will be swept away, we are all aware that good governance requires challenge and oversight.

With no one at the cabinet table likely to tell the boss he’s had a terrible idea, the more likely it is a bunch of terrible ideas are about to become policy.

Given some of the policies that have made it out of even the most independently minded cabinets, maybe their insights won’t be missed that much.