Boris has a chastening week as opposition defy no deal Brexit

We mentioned last week the potential of fireworks in Parliament and so it came to fruition – with all of them aimed at Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Boris has had a spectacularly bad week. Highlights include, MP’s successfully backing legislation to stop a No Deal Brexit, a member of his own party switching sides mid speech and also politely being asked to leave the town of Morley.

Not to mention the small matter of his brother Jo Johnson resigning from the Tory party and having to expel 21 rebel MP’s. Boris is now looking to drum up support for a general election, something which will require support from Labour, who are highly unlikely to back it until the bill delaying Brexit has been passed.

As fascinating as the politics has been this week, we are only a few weeks away from the deadline and while the prime ministerial merry go round may be set to continue, at the very least the chances of the UK crashing out without a deal looks to be diminished.