Trump and May share a pose as successors jostle for leadership

This week while the two current leaders of the UK and USA shared a photo op, we got an interesting look at who might replace them.

We learnt more about the candidates for the Conservative party leadership; who largely seem to have been in a collective coma for the last three years; intent on taking us back in time to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and put it before Parliament.

If they had been awake and paying attention they would realise re-treading this path is likely to lead to exactly the same place, a compromise with the EU that fails to win support in either the Commons or the country. In the US we have the race to be the Democratic nominee for president.

While it is an historically wide field, with 24 candidates so far, what unites them is the departure from what used to be considered normal pre-president Trump.

Even the most mainstream candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, is adopting bold policies like the green new deal.

Should we end up returning to a more normal idea of president, we will likely still be a long way from a normal idea of a presidency