Will the EU agree to a longer extension?

This week we have to turn our attention yet again to Brexit. After a series of votes and high political drama it came as a surprise to no one that we find ourselves in exactly the same position as before.

Theresa May has been told again that her deal is the worst of both worlds, simultaneously too hard and too soft, yet is pressing ahead regardless and looks set to put it to yet another vote next week.

Meanwhile the headline development of taking “No-Deal” off the table is also meaningless. While No-Deal is now no longer the official policy of the government, it’s still going to happen unless parliament can agree to something else.

arkets are treating the news as positive, but will probably face up to reality sometime next week when we start the rigmarole all over again. Even the motion to delay Brexit can’t be taken at face value, as a short extension solves nothing.

A long extension may be all that’s on offer, but don’t rule out one of the 27 other countries causing an upset. Right now all outcomes, even those that have been ruled out, are equally likely