Is this the end of the road for Theresa May?

We return to two old favourites, Brexit and Trump. The Brexit deal is currently being debated in parliament, with a final vote on whether to take it scheduled for the 11th. It has been a blood bath. On the opening day the government suffered three defeats and has almost surrendered control entirely.

This pantomime of national humiliation shows no signs of ending either. The deal is almost certainly going to be voted down and what happens next is unknown, but very likely includes some sort of delay or extension while we try to sort ourselves out. There are many predicting Theresa May will resign, but we’re not so sure. If defeat and failure were all it takes, she’d be gone already.

Elsewhere Donald Trump completely exploded his own tweets about progress on a trade deal with China by simultaneously trying to arrest the most powerful woman in China, and declaring himself the “Tariff Man” in renewed threats to escalate the trade war. An already jittery market collectively lost it and would have fared much worse had markets not closed for the funeral of President Bush.

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