Who do you fear more – Brexit or Corbyn?


Letters calling for May’s replacement are pouring in to the powerful chairman of the Conservative Party’s 1922 Committee: if he receives 48 letters, there could be a vote of confidence in her leadership, and perhaps a leadership challenge. Other Tories are calling for a second referendum.

Meanwhile, the Labour party is slavering at the possibility of an early General Election. But some have suggested the fall of Theresa May’s Conservative Government and potential replacement with Labour leader Corbyn’s socialist agenda could pose a far greater threat to UK assets. Corbyn has repeatedly threatened many industries with re-nationalisation, including the postal service, utilities, transport and others.

Polls show the public increasingly approving of this plan, with some investors now shunning these spaces as a result. In fact, there’s a possibility that it could, in part, find its way into the Tory manifesto, too, according to some commentators. As such, investors should be thinking about the potential for a change in Government more than Brexit. The real impact of the latter, some think, could take decades to be felt, whereas “nationalisation of utilities could be around the corner.