Markets begin to stabilise

This week markets appeared to stabilise, albeit in an unstable fashion, with a mix of up days and down days. It’s probably too soon to declare the dust settled, negative reports from Amazon and Google has triggered a further wave of selling, but there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, most equity markets are down about 8 per cent from a month ago; with Europe down a bit more based on the shenanigans in Italy. As corrections go this feels about right, although we might see Asian markets fall a bit more before we truly bottom out.

Elsewhere the UK remains braced for the budget, which is due to be delivered next week. Philip Hammond is in a difficult position, he needs to maintain a war chest in case Brexit is worse than the forecast while simultaneously finding the money to deliver on Theresa May’s spending pledges. Investors have been easy targets for previous cash strapped Chancellors, we wait with trepidation for Monday’s announcement.


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