Hurricane Florence set to test President Trump’s leadership

This week, we got further support for the status quo. Positive economic data, including a higher than expected GDP data was coupled with a decision from the central bank to leave things alone and let everything carry on as it is.  unfortunately, our political leaders don’t have the same appreciation for inactivity. Boris Johnson especially appears to believe that he gets paid by the word and treated us to what appears to be the opening salvo in his battle for the Tory leadership. While even Brutus would have raised an eyebrow at the amount of plotting going on in the Tory party, it does at least appear that
they are giving up on trying to control Brexit and have instead focused on grasping the leavers of power afterwards.

Elsewhere, Hurricane Florence has made landfall in the Carolinas and has already begun to have a serious impact. A competent response to the  storm will be critical for Donald Trump and the republicans if they are to retain any sense of credibility as a party of Government and to survive Novembers
mid-terms elections. George W. Bush’s approval ratings never recovered from his botched handling of hurricane Katrina.

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