Trump and Junker bond at UK’s expense

This week we were treated to the now familiar show of Donald Trump taking credit for solving a self-induced crisis. After meeting with EU chief JeanClaude Juncker, not only has there been an agreement to scrap the trade war, but the pair also signalled a reduction in all tariffs; including on politically sensitive farm goods. The deal comes at a tough time for the UK, as one of the few remaining pillars of the Brexit faith has been a bilateral trade deal with the US. With nothing like the same negotiating position, it is unlikely the UK will be able to match the terms that the EU might now secure.
Elsewhere, the sight of Donald Trump succeeding where David Davis failed, with nothing more than a few incoherent tweets, tells you all you need to know about the competence of the UK’s Brexit negotiators. This was confirmed when the new Brexit minister, Dominic Raab, was side-lined after just a week on the job. That Theresa May has had to step in to provide leadership probably means warnings to stockpile food and medicine should be taken more seriously.

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