2hWealthcare share their expertise on Pensions to help author, Teresa Payne, write ‘The Later Living Guide’

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2hWealthcare were delighted to be involved in the newly released book, The Later Living Guide by Teresa Payne. Both Steve Wilson and David Allen from 2hWealthcare spent time talking to Teresa and her team about Pensions using their extensive knowledge and expertise of this subject matter. David Allan said ‘This was an exciting project to be part of, the book is a must have for people planning their future, but are not sure where to start.’

About the book
The book is all about empowerment. Empowering the reader to take control of their later years and understand what they need to be thinking about, and planning for, to guide them through the good times, and the bad.
The purpose of The Later Living Guide is to start the conversation about planning our later years and help people to understand the options which are there for them.

Think about the social, financial and legal aspects of it.
Socially, where might you want to live? Will your home be suitable if you’re not so mobile? Or what will you do if it becomes too expensive to run? Will you have a support network around you? Transport links? Family and friends? What will you do with your time?

Financially, what will your income be? Do you know how big your pension is? Will you need to downsize? How will you fund any care costs should the need arrive? It’s important to understand the options and we cover this off in the book.

Then there’s the legal stuff to think about. Have you made a Will to ensure your loved ones will be looked after? Have you done everything possible to minimise any IHT payable? What about LPA’s to ensure you are able to make decisions through an attorney if required?

The Later Living Guide is a starting point for people. It’s a practical guide to finances and later living and in it you’ll find a wealth of information relating to funding care costs, understanding pensions, making a will, inheritance tax, what to do when someone dies, Trusts, LPA’s, Court of Protection, downsizing and what you can do when you retire, including making some extra cash and even starting your own business.

For more information on ‘The Later Living Guide’ or any questions relating to Pensions, contact David Allan on 01494 683100 or email david.allan@2hwealthcare.co.uk