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We are a firm of Independent Financial Advisers, who provide high quality, bespoke financial planning and investment advice to individuals and corporate clients.  We have been in business for over 20 years and look after clients that generally live in an area that extends from the Thames Valley to Beaconsfield and Gerrard’s Cross and into North London, Hampstead and St John’s Wood.

The success of our business has been built on the quality of our advice and the personal service we deliver.  As a result, many of our clients have been introduced to us by their accountant or solicitor with whom we maintain strong professional relationships that work to the mutual benefit of all parties.

We believe that being completely independent is best for our clients, so we are not part of a network or affiliated to any institution; we are ‘Unrestricted’ and ‘Whole of Market’ advisers.  We are directly regulated and authorised by the Financial Services Authority

“The art of Government consists in taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to the other.” Voltaire.

We don’t create Wealth. We recognise that it’s our clients who create their wealth during their working lives, usually by steady accumulation from employment or through their entrepreneurial business activities.  What our clients want from us are proven tax and financial planning solutions and sound investment advice.  We see our role as working with you to do just that. So we don’t take big risks with your money; we are cautious and prudent – as you would expect us to be.  It’s an approach that we call Wealthcare.  We help you protect your wealth against the threats that diminish it: taxation and inflation.  Or, in reality the institutions behind these threats; Governments and their Central Banks.

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We will invest in a diversified portfolio that is based in most instances on real assets, such as shares in a well-managed company that produces things that people need today, selected by an experienced fund manager who looks for value.  We will also invest in commercial and residential property, land and forestry and commodities, namely gold bullion.

We will take into account the proven principles of the long-term preservers of Wealth in a turbulent World that operates on a fragile Monetary System.

We will treat your Wealth with Respect, Integrity and Care.


We won’t invest your money in ‘junk bonds’ or derivatives that base their value on the value of something else, neither will we speculate upon currencies and markets through funds or ‘hedge fund’ strategies that place bets in the form of ‘Puts and Options’.  We will avoid heavily indebted companies and funds that have excessively borrowed to invest. 

We won’t invest in the latest ‘fads’ or ‘trends’.